About Kirscha...


Kirscha is a science-based, wellness passionate certified in AcroYoga fitness, Sound Frequency Healing, and Mindful Meditation. Born and residing in Southern California, Kirscha is also co-founder of Malibu’s Multi-Sensory Wellness Experience Company, Five Sense Collective.

The Relational Healing design is inspired by the pillars of any successful relationship: Trust, Communication, and Physical Touch.  

Kirscha has been AcroYoga International© certified since 2016, and is a practicing yogi since 2012. Her focus on relational wellness is supported by her Communications Degree from Loyola Marymount University, in which she excelled in interpersonal and group communication.

Her dynamic understanding of physical, emotional, and spiritual connectivity strengthens her own practice, in which she is both a continuing student and trainer. Her institutional achievements blend seamlessly in her efforts to create a holistic learning environment while assisting her students in experiencing individual and relational healing through divine interaction.